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Meet the wonderful lesson horses of Monarch!

We are honored to offer this wonderful group of horses, as teachers!  They are all kind, well-trained and excellent at their jobs.  With this group, we have the perfect horse for the first ride, to the exciting mount that will thrill the most experienced rider and everything in between.  


                Come and meet these special horses and enjoy the experience!


Barbie_sheep_Paige_Sami - Sign.jpeg

Barbie is our longest resident of Monarch Stables, and she is VERY well-loved.  


Having taught countless people to ride, her generous nature and kind heart make her the perfect beginner's horse.  She's blond and beautiful which is how she came by her nickname. She's tolerant of all and even goes

along with being dressed up

as a sheep!  

CH Shamrock's Jessica
      aka:  Jessica

Jessica is the diva of Monarch Stables and a show horse extraordinaire!  She keeps all the horses at the barn in line, especially the boys!  Jessica is very proud of her CHAMPION (CH) status.

Jessica loves kids, and is very happy when they are grooming her and making sure her extra shiny copper coat is spotless!


Mo is a big, handsome gelding that can stop traffic with his good looks.  He is Five-Gaited!!!!  That means he can do a traditional walk, trot and canter, but has the added bonus of the four beat, smooth gaits of slow gait and the fast smooth gait of the exciting rack!  If you would like to test drive a gaited horse, Mo can show you the way!

He's big, he's exciting and he's

fun to ride!  Mo also has a fur

mohawk in the winter!  


Come and meet Mo!  

He loves to see new people.

    Doubletree's Firecracker Too!
aka:  Mo!  or Moseph or Mo-horse
Sweet Ruby Valentine

Ruby is a beautiful, black Morgan mare who is expertly owned and loved by Keira and her family.  Ruby is kind, forward and fun to ride for intermediate to advanced riders.  Her springy trot and zest for life make her a delight to be around.

Ruby loves attention, especially from her own special young lady!  

Irish in Lights

If you would like to try driving, Irish is your guy!  He's got some age going for him, but he can still strut his stuff in the cart.  

Irish is a retired show horse and owned and loved by Beth Davis.

Call Me Mahvalous

“Call Me Mahvalous” is his registered name, and never was there a better-suited name for a horse!  Marv thinks he is beyond marvelous and wants to prove it every day!


This in-your-face, people-oriented guy, exudes personality.

He is reserved for experienced rider lessons/leases, as he is always wanting to go, go, go!


Marv loves all attention and his favorite time of year is Christmas!

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.16.53 PM.png


Crimson is an adorable guy!  He has just enough "Go Forward" and show horse "look at me" attitude to be the perfect introduction to saddle seat riding. His good nature and special charm have branded him the nickname, "Little Handsome".  He's not little at all, standing 16 hands, but he might be shorter than his neighbors.  

He's available for lessons and possible lease or 1/2 lease to riders serious about getting into the show ring.

Moonlight Jasmine

Jasmine or Jazz-Miena as she is called, among other things, is the newest member of the Monarch lesson group.  She's sweet and very talkative, and a good mount to help people get back in the saddle and legged-up for riding.


This pretty, pinto mare, has huge globe eyes which she specifically uses for begging for treats and food. Apparently it's working for her, hence her barn nickname, 'Fatty No Shoes'.  Jasmine's wish is to start her own "Go Fund Me" campaign for treats and snacks!

ride horses_MoonlightJasmine.jpeg
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